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Welcome to my other website! Hopefully you'll like this one a little more since I'll probably use better looking things here. The other one was only for the school and memories and junk this is my Official Site. You can comment on my Official Site later on when I add a forum or comment page. If you also have a website and would like me to link to it I will as long as you read the terms and conditions (Just like a real website:). Enjoy your stay here.

Actually...This page is kind of empty so if you have any good ideas on what to put on here please let me know.

I've had no suggestions so far so I decided to add a Hits Counter onto this page since I consider this a totally different site form the other one.Though this counter will still increase if anyone visits my other site, so it would be bias to assume that this is how many people have visited this site.Anyways look inside for more things.

Oh and by the way does this and my last paragraph's text look a little different from the first 2?

Ok.I have added the MIDI File just like I said I would and on this page somewhere...if you can't find're just horrible! Anyways..moving on..for those of you who can find it..I suggest that you don't turn your speakers too high, as it is quite loud. Unless you're one of those people who sit in front of some Suped-Up Stereo System all day long playing it full blast. Otherwise you've been warned.Hopefully this will keep you entertained for the next 2-8 seconds.Enjoy:)

As you can see there's a banner right above my counter. This banner leads to the place where I got the counter and many other things for my site for FREE! However if you would like to help me out to please click the banner instead of one of the many other links to get to Bravenet and Sign-Up. I appreciate it. But trust me Bravenet is awesome! The guestbook there holds 2000 posts! Enjoy:)(*Updated I have taken off the Banner(aka link to Bravenet) as it was causing this page to load slower than it already was with the ad banners and the MIDI File.But if you still want to get to the freebie site and want to help me out as well just ask me to put up the banner/link again and I will.)

<bgsound src="mortalkombat.mid">

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