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Recent News!Or Maybe Not...

GradDance!Or so I call it.... It was just a few hours ago but it's still fresh in my memory...Admission was $3.00 and the Dance went from 6:30PM-9:00PM. When I got there 10-20 minutes late to my not in excellent condition memory...I discovered that I was the only who dressed up...well that much anyways...I had a black pair of pants (part of suit/tuxedo), a white shirt with blue stripes going vertically (up and down), a black top of a suit and a pair of black leather shoes...the shoes really hurt..and to think I was going to walk to the Dance LOL!                                                                                        
      When a lot of people got a good look at my "tuxedo" I think 5 or 6 people commented on how much I looked like Jackie Chan in the movie "The Tuxedo" I saw quite a few people there but only...let me think...including my self I only saw 7 people from my class there!Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough or maybe I was blinded by the crazy lights. I brought my totally awesome camera to the Dance and put it around my neck and into a pocket in my "Tux" which, when people looked at it thought it was just some sort of rope going from my neck to somewhere under my "Tux". I got a couple of pictures (7 in 2 and a half hours, one was taken of me by someone else...) I got a group picture of a couple of guys whom I can't completely remember. They were just the people who said I looked like Jackie Chan or were close by...I got another one of a couple of people trying to strangle each other or something...and one of the wall with my name on it:) I also got a couple of others but can't remember what they were of...You can expect to see these pictures on this site after I get them developed and get a certain "Little Birdie" to scan them and put them on disk for me then I will upload them here.But not today...most likely about 2-3 weeks into high school ...unless I somehow meet up with this person and he scans them and sends them back or something and I upload quickly...but I doubt it cuz it's summer everyone's going somewhere!Except you and you and you and maybe you...
     Anyways back to the GradDance...From what  saw there weren't that many couple there, though there were 3 large groups...the one in front was enormous!My theory is that they were gangs and the 2 smaller ones would accept the non-groupies into theres and have a big fight for power...or the Dance Floor...Either way works.I also had to use my "Tuxedo Powers" to stop a balloon buster! I did and I think he learned his lesson! Back to couples and things...I was hanging around with someone when all of a sudden out of nowhere comes there "people", they jumped out of the shadows and into the laser lights! They said that one of their "friends" wanted to Dance with the person I was hanging out with but he said "No". Well actually he said some more stuff but I couldn't really hear him and if I did I can't remember too much... Anyways he ended up going through the entire GradDance without actually dancing...well he did "dance" but I wouldn't consider it that... Ok he didn't dance with the person who wanted to dance with him.
 Oh and hey Mabey

As of today...June 23rd,2004 at about  3:50PM Saint John Time the photocenter has a photo of a person!Special thanks to Jaret.This moves Jaret up the...correction it puts Jaret on the Ranks!! list. He is now in 2nd place.(P.S I seriously dont think anyone other than me can get 1st place,not that it's obviously rigged or anything)This breaking news is brought to you  by...  "The  C-Winger"

                          Teen Choice Awards...
Well as of today Wednesday...August 11/2004. The day the Teen Choice Awards aired...Same day as Canadian Idol...Though I don't really care for that show...Not just the Canadian version I just don't like that show.Even though it may or may not have been an episode in Saint John...Back to the Teen Choice Awards,while I was on "vacation" I got a chance to vote and I did...Though it didn't seem to matter back then...and tonight I dicovered that it didn't matter after all...I only voted on 3 things and they all lost:'(...Stupid One Tree Hill...Beat out The OC..grrrr.Ya I know some of you probably voted for One Tree Hill...And I won't hunt you down:)...I tell ya I was going crazy during that show.I mean like insane!Anyways..I'm bored.

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